Tina Berning

Tina Berning (born 1969) is a Berlin-based artist and illustrator who has exhibited in New York, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Berlin and Toronto.

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In her drawings, Tina Berning creates a subjective, critical and tender view of women, unraveling the vulnerability of femininity that is reflected on the surface of the media in the fashion and beauty industries. Berning’s figures are always gracefully depicted, yet their beauty usually remains imperfect. Streaks of colour lie like shadows over the delicate silhouettes, bodies come hurtling down and smudge-like blots cover the form. These elegant women usually found on glossy magazines instead appear on yellowed, torn or scrap paper. Berning rescues text books, separator sheets, ledger paper and old record sleeves from flea markets and estate sales to render visible the traces of aging, transience or death.

Tina Berning (born 1969) is a Berlin-based artist and illustrator. Since 2000, her award-winning illustrations have been published worldwide and shown in many renowned anthologies. Tina’s work been featured in publications such as The New York Times, Playboy (US and Germany), Vogue (Italy, Japan, Germany), Die Zeit, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Architectural Digest and many others. Her early passion for editorial illustration led her to an intensive contemplation on the human figure. Reflecting the female role in media is one of the core issues in her artistic work. Her artwork is shown regularly in solo exhibitions in the USA, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands and Canada.

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