Claudette Abrams

Claudette Abrams is a Canadian, Toronto-based multi-media artist. Her early work involved interactive art installation, using combinations of media such as photography, projection, three- dimensional imaging and constructions of fabricated and found objects. Her more recent work has involved large land-based installations.

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About Claudette Abrams

Abrams‘ work is placed in public collections and has been exhibited in international museums and venues such as The Deutesches Filmmuseum, Frankfurt, Germany, The Ministry of Culture, Spain, The International Biennale, Tokyo, Nagoya, Japan, The Royal Ontario Museum, Canada and at Art Toronto International Art Fair. She has received several awards, including the notable Shearwater Foundation Grant.

Ontario College of Art and Design
AOCA, Communications & Design, Photo/Electric, New Media Studies

The Fuji-Film Award
The Photo-Electric Design Award
The Woman’s Art Association Award
External Affairs Grant (Canada/France)
Japan/Canada Foundation Grant
Shearwater Grant, Shearwater Foundation, NY
Canada Council Media Arts Production Grants, 1988-90-91
Canada Council Travel Grants (Austria/Germany)
Ontario Arts Council Project Grants, 1986-88-90-92
Ontario Arts Council Program of Study Grant, 1989

Canada Council Art Bank, Ottawa ON
Deustesches Filmmuseum, Frankfurt, Germany
Associates of the Museum of Science & Technology, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Obra Social y Cultural de la Caja de Asturias, Spain
The Ontario Science Centre, Toronto ON Canada
Chinichi Shimbun, Nagoya, Japan
Creative Landscaping Inc., Toronto ON Canada
Dancemakers Studios, Toronto ON Canada
Ego Film Arts, Toronto, ON Canada/Beverly Hills, USA
Fluidrive Film and Photography, Toronto ON Canada
Global Images Inc., New York/London/Vancouver
HOK Architects Inc., Toronto ON Canada
Mercedes-Benz, Tel Aviv, Israel
MGI Securities Inc., Toronto ON Canada
Ministry of Fisheries & Resources, Ottawa ON
NORR Limited Architects & Planners, Toronto ON
Pencil Design, Toronto, ON Canada
R&D Developments Inc., Toronto ON Canada
Topix Animation FX, Toronto ON Canada